Natural Ventilation

Here at Flo-Vent, we supply all-encompassing, bespoke natural smoke extraction systems for social housing and private residential buildings as well as commercial properties. Occupant safety is of paramount importance; naturally vented systems work to purge smoke, heat and toxic gases from residential buildings as quickly as possible, reducing the likelihood of fatalities.

Natural smoke ventilation systems use natural air flow dynamics to extract smoke, without the addition of motorised fans. These systems are cost-effective in the long term, as they do not rely on electrical power for fan operation. Automatic opening vents (AOVs) or smoke shafts are installed to ensure natural draughts can enter the building, providing a safe means of escape in the case of evacuation. As well as creating an escape route, smoke extraction systems aid the fire brigade by removing the quantity of smoke, providing greater visibility and easier access. ​



Our systems can be triggered by any of the following means: thermostat, smoke detector, fire alarm or manual call point. The actuators connected to the AOVs in the affected area will activate, opening the vents and dome located on the top of the smoke shaft roof. This creates a natural draught to purge smoke from the building. Naturally vented systems operate according to the thermal buoyancy principle – heat travels in an upward direction. Smoke is therefore expelled along the corridors, up the shaft and out the building.

Our team of specialist engineers have many years’ experience in designing, installing and maintaining natural smoke ventilation systems for a wide variety of clients. All our systems comply with Approved Document B, ensuring complete reliability and sustainability.