We provide a complete installation of our Flo-Vent system, offering our clients total peace of mind. Our specialist, professional team of electricians and engineers are trained to install a wide variety of bespoke smoke ventilation systems. Our client-focused approach ensures that all installations are completed to an exceptionally high standard.

For total project success, we recommend that you involve us during the early stages of project planning. We will first conduct extensive site surveys, allowing us to assess and combat any potential issues that may arise during the installation process, ensuring each project runs as smoothly as possible. If we discover any potential issues, we can develop innovative solutions to avoid delays – ultimately saving you time and money.

We offer a comprehensive package, from electrical fan switch wiring to the installation of end-line equipment, dampers, automatic opening vents (AOVs), window actuators and control panels. The fact that we personally complete all wiring instead of hiring third party electricians ensures that there will be no disconnect between Flo-Vent and the electrical network. The system will be fully tested before being commissioned by the client. Anemometers are used to measure airflow through the vents, ensuring it meets regulatory requirements. We also test the system using smoke bombs – the smoke detector should trigger Flo-Vent, clearing smoke from the corridor within 60 seconds.

Once we are confident that The Flo-Vent System is operating correctly, we conduct demonstrations and training to the building management team, ensuring that the client knows how to operate the system safety and efficiently. We then issue a commissioning certificate which is signed by all relevant parties. The completed installation is fully handed over, and the system is ready to go.

Here at Flo-Vent, we install a range of cost-effective and innovative smoke extraction solutions. We have worked on both new buildings and challenging refurbishments and can provide a tailored solution to fulfil your individual requirements.