Flo-Vent respects your privacy, here is what we collect about you when you visit our website.

When you request one of our web pages through your browser, data such as:

• your IP address

• your browser and the version you’re using

• your operating system

• the date and time and the site you came from are stored in a log file and/or a database.

But don’t worry – this information can’t be used to identify specific individuals, and we only use it for:

• managing and maintaining our website

• research and development of our products and services

• anonymous user analysis, so we can see how our site’s being used

Use of cookies

Our website automatically deploys a cookie on your computer when you arrive (provided cookies aren’t blocked by your browser).
This allows us to track visitor statistics and usage of the site and is automatically deleted after 30 days.
On 27th May 2011, the EC introduced a directive called the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulation 2011 which requires owners of websites to get specific approval from the visitor if cookies are deployed.
It’s easy to restrict or block the cookies used on our site through your browser settings. If you go to the Help function within your browser, you can get detailed instructions on how to change them.
You should be aware though that most cookies are harmless and restricting them may actually impact on the functionality of the websites you visit.

Email addresses

The email addresses collected from subscriptions to the Flo-Vent newsletters aren’t sold, or disclosed to any third parties. These addresses will only be used by us to send out Flo-Vent related information we think you might be interested in. You won’t receive any emails from us you didn’t request.

Any data collected will only ever be used by us and possibly our agents. Flo-Vent hereby reserves the right to transfer any data collected – in the event of an acquisition, full or partial, of the company or its assets.

If you’ve got any questions regarding our Privacy Policies, or need help opting out of our email lists, please contact us at .