Mechanical Ventilation

We design, install and maintain mechanically vented systems for a wide variety of clients. Providing an alternative to naturally vented systems, mechanical Flo-Vent systems are utilised in buildings with stricter regulations: for example, space may be limited and the Approved Document B area of 1.5m2 cannot be fulfilled by natural means, natural airflow may be insufficient, or the building height may exceed the limit for natural extraction. Refits on older buildings are more likely to require mechanical systems, due to limited available space for smoke shafts.

Mechanical systems extract smoke using electrically powered fans. They allow for greater efficiency and controllability than naturally vented systems, which rely solely on natural airflow. Our Flo-Vent system offers a rapid response time, providing a quick escape route for occupants in the building, ultimately minimising casualties. It also aids access for the fire brigade, as less smoke allows fire fighters to tackle the blaze more effectively. ​

We install dampers on each floor, shared corridor or lobby linked to a vertical extract shaft. Our system is triggered by either a thermostat, smoke detector, fire alarm or manual call point. This causes the fire damper on the affected floor and the top of the shaft vent to open. All dampers on other floors will remain shut to prevent the smoke from migrating. The fans located at the top of the smoke shaft will activate, mechanically drawing the smoke up the exhaust duct and safely out of the building.

Mechanically vented life safety systems are suitable for use in social housing, private residential buildings and underground car parks. We offer a comprehensive package, from initial site surveys and project designs through to commissioning and handover.