Smoke ventilation systems play a major role in the protection of building occupants, and so the consequences of failing to maintain your system can be devastating. Most fatalities are not caused by the fire itself, but by the effects of toxic smoke inhalation. As a building manager, you are responsible by law (the Regulatory Reform Order 2005) to ensure smoke extraction systems are regularly maintained and checked for any possible faults or issues, which can then be easily resolved before a disaster occurs.

Here at Flo-Vent, we offer a 12-month support package on all our products, including a maintenance visit every 6 months. We ensure that your system is operating to a satisfactory standard; complying with the property’s fire safety strategy and prolonging sustainability and efficiency of the system. As well as the operational benefits, regular system inspections allow you to save money in the long run, as we can identify and repair issues before they develop into extensive system failures, which could cost you thousands of pounds. We test all connections, electrical actuators, mechanical fans, dampers, automatic opening vents (AOVs), batteries and control panels, and repair any faults as necessary. We will then issue a re-commissioning test certificate for insurance purposes.

Our specialist, competent engineers also offer consultancy and maintenance of existing smoke extraction systems (where possible), according to Approved Document B. With ever-changing building regulations, you need to be confident that your current system fulfils all safety requirements. We conduct a full smoke ventilation audit, testing that all aspects of the system are operating correctly.