Here at Flo-Vent, we hold extensive knowledge and expertise within specialist advanced design technologies and techniques. We offer a complete design package, coupled with an excellent level of communication and assistance to our clients throughout the process.

The first stage of the design process involves attending an initial site meeting. Within these meetings, we discuss the project requirements and recommended placement of equipment. We will advise project and site managers on the best smoke ventilation solution to meet the specific building requirements, before conducting a number of building surveys, measuring the required sizes for the smoke shafts and automatic opening vents (AOVs).

Extensive planning and analysis of the Flo-Vent system is imperative to the design process. We begin with product placement, creating physical drawings and inputting them in our in-house, market-leading software package. From these flat CAD drawings, we then generate 3D conceptual drawings.

The final design stage is Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis. This is a sophisticated analysis technique which predicts fluid flow behaviour and the transfer of heat and mass. We model accurate building conditions, inputting the parameters of mechanical fans and the measurements for smoke shafts. CFD analysis is conducted over a 3 to 4-week period, predicting every possibility with regards to how smoke will react with our smoke ventilation system. This will then be signed off for insurance purposes, validating total regulatory compliance, and handed over to the client.

We work with a multitude of specialists on every project, such as project planners, architects, fire engineers and contractors. We proactively assist pre-order and provide comprehensive support throughout the design process, constantly striving to deliver a fantastic level of customer service.