Car Park Ventilation

Smoke poses a real threat to life in enclosed spaces such as underground car parks. It is of vital importance that carbon monoxide and smoke can be rapidly purged during and after a fire.

The low ceilings and confined nature of car parks present significant difficulties for the fire brigade. Approved Document B states that smoke ventilation systems must extract at least ten air changes per hour during a fire. Flo-Vent assists the fire service by restricting the spread of smoke between floors, reducing potential structural damage. The system also provides an escape route for any individuals in the car park by increasing visibility during an evacuation, ultimately saving lives.

As well as purging smoke and carbon monoxide, car park ventilation systems work to maintain everyday air quality by purifying the hazardous fumes emitted from car exhausts. Strict building regulations necessitate that ventilation systems must extract a minimum of 6 air changes per hour (ACH) on a daily basis.



The Flo-Vent system can be triggered via several different means. Our system utilises additional electric fans, which work to mechanically expel the smoke via ducts or smoke shafts. If smoke is detected anywhere in the car park, via a fire alarm, thermostat, manual call point or smoke detector, the fans will activate and begin to drive the smoke in the direction of the central ventilation shafts. The smoke and harmful fumes can then be extracted safely out of the car park.

Here at Flo-Vent, our team of specialists are experts in the design and installation of mechanically vented systems, suitable for use in both commercial and residential car parks that are both above and below ground. Our smoke extraction solution is user-friendly and reliable, so that you can be sure your car park is protected.